Design Ideas

Hi Ed And Andrew

Below are the design ideas. Most of the links won’t be working from those pages but if you like any of the ideas we can then make it work quickly. It’s become apparent that to get the best out of the sites we need IMPAC inc to sell the course “supplied by instantchiro” to give arms length but integrate in the buying process.


The web store structure is set up so we can do bundle’s, discounts, promotions etc very easily (without my assistance). Price, title, content changes are equally easy.


Phase 1 will have a different cart experience so we can deploy it quickly. Then phase 3 will have the cart like Ed wants.



Idea 1 : The Staff Handbook Site

This is the handbook with step by steps for the one process I sent over earlier. It’s here so we don’t lose it. It has working links except for the menu bar and it progresses to show how staff can give free courses away with purchase of an instrument. This feature will be largley done away with as it will be integrated into

Idea 2 : Arthrostim mini site

This is after navigating from the main page to the Arthrostim section or as a standalone in promotions etc.

The adapters are a lot bigger as requested and are all laid out so that it’s like the price list at conventions. It builds desire as they see all that is available. There is one working pop up on the EXTRA NARROW GLIDING FORK  to give an idea of what we are thinking.


I’ve got to build in the basic and pro selection yet but that won’t take long


Idea 3 : In Depth Product page

This is how I envision the product pages. Lots of interaction and ability to buy courses and adapters related to each purchase. Bundle deals also available.


Idea 4 : Other Product Page Ideas

I prefer Idea 3 but here is another idea for a product page (not Arthrostim or Vibrocussor as they have there whole min-isites developed for them).  We could add the sections from one onto the other like video course sales direct.


Idea 5 : And another product page idea

As above but different look


Idea 6 : Adapter ideas

I was going to go with these but it didn’t sell as much as a straight forward grid of the adapters. Plus the pop up video is a lot harder to get to work with it. but anyway here are some examples


Idea 7 : InstantChiro redesign

As you will see we have far more direct products and information on instantchiro so the design is more store like. Unlike Impac where we have 2 main products so its more like.

We would sell the courses still on InstantChiro but the equipment sales would go straight through to and they could add courses to their order there.

Just a reminder links won’t work yet and the menu isn’t sorted yet.

Password is: edimpac


Idea 8 : Impac front page

Impac front page idea. early stages.



Some ideas for carosels for adapter tips but I don’t think they work as well as a big grid (like the sheet at conventions). The big list increases desire for the tips and I think it differentiates size of adapter better (extra narrow, narrow, wide) than the carosels.



Carosel 1 below

Carosel 2

Carosel 3

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