Vibracussor Comprehensive Kit

The industry leading soft tissue and fascia percussion tool. Used in countless Chiropractic offices to affect the the structures that torsion the joints. This Kit comes with options that will allow you to address the majority of your patients conditions.

The Comprehensive kit saves $12 over the build your own kit.

What’s Included

Included in the Vibrocussor Comprehensive Kit are:

  • Vibracussor instrument
  • Round Nose Gliding Adaptor
  • Conical Adaptor with 3 tips
  • Tuff Skin Cushion
  • Round Soft Cushion
  • Round Firm Cushion
  • TherapyEdge®
  • Paraspinal Roller
  • (Gratis Item) Vibrocussor Shelf Bracket – You saved $49

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    New- Vibracussor Shelf Bracket (Gratis)

    What People Are Saying

    “This is the kit I started with and it really is a great kit. I like being able to use the range of motion adjusting by using the motion adjusting fan. The fan also allows me to stay efficient with my time and length of my appointments. If you are thinking of cutting your times down then this is could be the kit for you.”

    Dr Paul Lindsey