The VibraCussor by IMPAC Inc. has proven to be the best instrument of its kind that is, we have seen nothing better in the entire field, and at a very reasonable price. It provides an excellent way for a practitioner to “leverage to the max” their quality time with the client, while at the same time minimizing the “wear and tear” to their own body.
The number of applications is seemingly endless because of the many adaptors, and various calibrations, that come with the device. The entire unit is obviously built to last a long time, so one not be concerned about any product down time or invoking the warranty.
The versatility of the VibraCussor is particularly impressive. Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Massage Therapist, or any other Bodyworker would be well served by adding this modality to their repertoire. It will enable them to greatly facilitate the healing process for many, thereby significantly contributing to client satisfaction because of the extraordinary results.
The training program and technical service provided by IMPAC are exceptional by any standards, and will guarantee that any practitioner will be well trained, and well equipped, to properly employ the device in any circumstances. The entire company goes way beyond what any customer would ordinarily expect regarding any issues or challenges that might arise.