Adjust Where, When And Why

The Pro – ArthroStim® Instrument

Recommended by 20+ techniques systems and supported by some of the most advanced Doctors of Chiropractic in the world. Want it in your office?

Variable Amplitude

A practitioner can customize the amplitude of the thrust to best match the needs of the application.

Spring Cushioned Stylus

The pressure sensitive stylus enables a practitioner to instantly tailor the input for each individual.

Cushioned Handle/Trigger

This combination provides comfort and protection for the practitioner’s hand.


Free Floating True Toggle Technology Stylus With Pediatric Tip Built In. – Included

Cushion Handle And Trigger ProvidesComfort And Protection For The Practitioners Hand – Included

Variable Amplitude Knob Allows For Practitioner Interoperability. – Included

A Practitioner Can Customize The Amplitude and Direction Of The Thrust By Adjusting Their Hand Position And Pressure. Something That Chiropractors Do Everyday.

Fan And Motherboard Upgrade

A vital add on for the Arthrostim and it is included in the Comprehensive kit. Allows range of motion adjusting, whole segment/spine adjusting, trigger point therapy barrage, decreasing treatment times and utilisation of all the courses designed for the Arthrostim – Premium Upgrade

The Optional Speed Switch Allows The Practioner To Do A Single Toggle, Or Varying Speeds Of Multiple Toggles To Get The Desired Results – Premium Upgrade

The Arthrostim Operates at 12-14 Beats Per Second (In Line With The Body’s Low Betasomatomotor Rhythm) Facilitating Change – Included


Millions of Adjustments Delivered Over 42 Years

You’ve Probably Seen It Or Even Been Adjusted By It. But How Does It Deliver Those Jaw Dropping, Practice Building, Adjustments?

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Peace of mind to guarantee your are happy with your purchase.

4 Year Warranty

Industry leading 4 year warranty.

Huge Tip Selection

Greatest selection of tips available make the Arthrostim an exceptionally versatile tool.


Most Arthrostim instruments are still in the clinic after 20 years of use.

{You will have to shoot me to get it. I’m not selling my Therapy Edge at any price. You made my life so much easier. Additionally, nothing gets rid of trigger points like the Therapy Edge and I have been looking…. Three to five treatments compared to one now, and I’ve been doing soft tissue for years. Edges 1 and 4 are my favourites!
Dr. Joseph Stynchula
{The ArthroStim is an incredible machine for upper cervical as well as full spine work. I have a VibraCussor that I bought at a seminar- very fast, penetrating relief, different than any other massager or vibrator. The video was especially helpful.
Dr. Goldberg
{Dr. Creed changed my life! He gave me FREEDOM from insurance worries and a “lack of patients” mentality. The CONFIDENCE that I can make immediate improvements even in the most difficult cases. The ABILITY to integrate many techniques into one seamless, amazing system of analysis and correction.  We have seen INCREASED INCOME. After implementing Dr. Creed’s Neural Kinetic Integration Technique, I was able to increase my fees by over 150% and be gladly paid for my services with referrals that are going through the roof. I now live A BALANCED LIFE: Thanks to Dr. Creed my kids have their father back and my wife has the husband of her dreams! My old technique had me on the road to a physical breakdown, and I was always against instrument adjusting, but this is unlike anything you have ever seen. Dr. Creed will make a believer out of the die hard “by hand only” docs and make adjusting easier on your body for a long, healthy, profitable career.
Dr. Kevin Hay
{I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a long time, and the longer its been, the more impressed I’ve been with my ArthroStim and VibraCussor.  I have found them invaluable for everything from adjusting osseous areas to trigger point work to acupressure stimulation to scar rehabilitation.  In the five years I’ve been using them, I’ve had zero maintenance problems, and I use them all day long.  Thanks for building such great clinical equipment and making my life easier. Please feel free to reprint all or part of this letter as a testimonial, you’ve earned it. Thanks and best wishes.
Dr. Jeffrey Comanor
{It (the ArthroStim®) is an incredible machine for atlas/orthogonal work.
Dr. S.G.
{I have been using the AccuStim® for one week now. The results are nothing but beyond belief, outstanding. After 27 years of Toftness®- Activator® combination with the Palmer Diversified this is the pinnacle of Chiropractic care. The 12 thrust/ second very light contact is nothing short of a miracle. No more toggle, crunching, or Activator® for me.  P.S. The patients love it more than I do- can’t mess with that. I can’t believe how well they received it.
Leon Shanahan, Australia
{I used an ArthroStim for about 9 years prior to learning KST. I loved it before KST and I love it even more after. It has been very reliable and versatile. I recommend them no matter what technique you use.
Dr. Mike Soucy
{As a new student starting my first day with the VibraCussor and ArthroStim, these were miracles from the start. I ordered my second set within two weeks of practice. What a blessing to start my practice right on target… My husband steals my instruments all too often.
Dr. Steiner
{I adjust in motion with a Leander table; I put my fingers on the spinous process. There is no motion of the spinous process, then I use the ArthroStim® and the motion comes back. I love it.
Dr. D. P.
{I really appreciate your help and willingness to work with me is why the ArthroStim is the only adjusting instrument that I recommend. Thank you for your assistance! In the last 4 weeks, I’ve had 3 scoliosis patients go back to their orthopedic surgeons and the surgeon canceled the scoliosis surgery because their scoliosis was “stable and better”. In the near future, bracing and surgery for scoliosis will be obsolete and you are a big contributor to making that happen! Thank YOU!
Dr. Dennis Woggon

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