Adjust Where, When And Why

The Arthrostim

The king of next generation mechanically assisted Adjusting.

The Vibracussor

Assisted massage with the feedback of doing it by hand.

Arthrostim Adapters

Making the impossible possible

Vibracussor Adapters

Weather it's fascia, muscle or connective tissue these adapters open a world of possibilities

Free Floating True Toggle Technology Stylus With Pediatric Tip Built In. – Included

Cushion Handle And Trigger ProvidesComfort And Protection For The Practitioners Hand – Included

Variable Amplitude Knob Allows For Practitioner Interoperability. – Included

A Practitioner Can Customize The Amplitude and Direction Of The Thrust By Adjusting Their Hand Position And Pressure. Something That Chiropractors Do Everyday.

Fan And Motherboard Upgrade

A vital add on for the Arthrostim and it is included in the Comprehensive kit. Allows range of motion adjusting, whole segment/spine adjusting, trigger point therapy barrage, decreasing treatment times and utilisation of all the courses designed for the Arthrostim – Premium Upgrade

The Optional Speed Switch Allows The Practioner To Do A Single Toggle, Or Varying Speeds Of Multiple Toggles To Get The Desired Results – Premium Upgrade

The Arthrostim Operates at 12-14 Beats Per Second (In Line With The Body’s Low Betasomatomotor Rhythm) Facilitating Change – Included

The Pro – ArthroStim® Instrument

Recomended by 20+ techniques systems and supported by some of the most advanced Doctors of Chiropractic in the world. Want it in your office?

Variable Ampilitude

A practitioner can customize the amplitude of the thrust to best match the needs of the application.

Spring Cushioned Stylus

The pressure sensitive stylus enables a practitioner to instantly tailor the input for each individual.

Cushioned Handle/Trigger

This combination provides comfort and protection for the practitioner’s hand.

The Product

Millions of Adjustments Delivered Over 38 Years

You’ve Probably Seen It Or Even Been Adjusted By It. But How Does It Deliver Those Jaw Dropping, Practice Building, Adjustments?

Video: What is an Arthrostim and how does it work?

Video: Dr Scott Hannan working in his clinic

Video: Dr Billy DeMoss on the Arthrostim

Video: Dr Woggon X-ray changes after Adjusting

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Peace of mind to guarantee your are happy with your purchase.

4 Year Warranty

Industry leading 4 year warranty.

Huge Tip Selection

Greatest selection of tips available make the Arthrostim an exceptionally versatile tool.


Most Arthrostim instruments are still in the clinic after 20 years of use.

Motion X-Ray Of Arthrostim Treatment

See a real life change, in real time, happen on Xray with the Arthrostim Instrument.


Frequently Bought Together

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Adapter Heads

Don’t buy multiple tools for different situations. Buy the right tool and use the correct adapter to get the job done.

Bump Switch

High volume practioners love the bump switch. Give the patient what they want without increasing time.