Pro Comprehensive Kit

The Pro-Comprehensive Kit can be used for nearly all your clinic encounters and for all of the over 20 technique systems that use the Arthrostim. Available on 6 months interest free with PayPal credit (dependant on approval). comp kit shown $5 less than build your own kit.

What’s Included

Included in the Pro-Comprehensive Kit is:

  • Pro Arthrostim instrument
  • Motion Adjusting Fan, Speed Selector Switch combo
  • Single Flat Tip Adapter
  • Single Ball Tip Adapter
  • Narrow Fork Taper Tip Adapter
  • Wide Fork Taper Tip Adapter
  • Accutip Adapter
  • Extra Narrow Fork Taper Tip
  • Narrow Fork Gliding  Tip
  • Rib Adapter
  • Narrow Foam Fork 


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What People Are Saying

“This is the kit I started with and it really is a great kit. I like being able to use the range of motion adjusting by using the motion adjusting fan. The fan also allows me to stay efficient with my time and length of my appointments. If you are thinking of cutting your times down then this is could be the kit for you.”

Dr Paul Lindsey

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